Minus fourteen and snowing

The first leg of our journey is now complete. We took a leisurely drive on the highway, making some memorable stops along the way.

I left the house at 10 am this morning, with a delicious Kensington coffee in hand. Thank goodness I had help with my luggage. I’m going to guestimate it’s 65 lb right now. Not sure how I’m going to be able to lug it on the train!

We took a lunch break at Webers Hamburgers. I must say, they make a mean burger. It’s on a major highway, and I guess it was so popular that they made a parking lot on the other side of the highway, with a connecting overhead bridge, so customers could get their fix. YUM.

The next stop was the highway bookstore. When you first walk in, you smell that familiar musky scent of old books. And wow, this little store was crammed. And everything was on sale for $1! I noticed a little gem called “Nurse’s dilemma,” but it ended up being a trashy romance novel.

We also saw a sign for a flea market, and decided to make a detour. And I guess my idea of a flea market is different than what it is here, because it was a mix between a home hardware and dollarama. No homemade jams, no crafts, and no antiques. So that left us a little disappointed.

The final stop we made before we arrived at our motel was this fantastic cheese store. That definitely made up for the “flea market” let down. Award winning cheddar and asiago? Yes, please.

Good thing we drove, someone at the bar told us his flight was cancelled because the weather was so poor. I hope we don’t encounter any problems on the train ride tomorrow.

Good night, folks!

One Response to “Minus fourteen and snowing”
  1. Jess says:

    Hey, you never know when you’re going to need another trashy romance novel- you so should have hit that up 😛

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