First Graveyard Shift T minus 8 hrs

Can I just say that duvets are the best? It was the best sleep I’ve had since the beginning of the year. When my head hit the pillow, I was out like a baby! I definitely need to invest in one when I return home.

I was going to walk to the hospital this morning, but my roommate’s “chauffeur” told me he’d drive me instead. Apparently there are some mean dogs near the hospital, and when they get into a pack, they might attack you. That made me a bit nervous, especially since I plan to be walking to and from the hospital. But I have my handy bear spray — overkill, maybe. Anyone have ideas what to do? There was a tough looking dog that did start following me, but I stopped and made eye contact. Then the dog backed off. (Not sure if that was the mean one the driver was talking about, but it didn’t have a collar on.)

A little hiccup, I think forgetting about visitors is a common theme. I went to the nurse educator I was suppose to talk to this morning, and I was told she went up the coast for the day. Currently, it’s “hunt break” and everyone gets it off to hunt goose. But I decided, I’d just check in with my preceptor tonight and work the night shift with him in the ED. Go with the flow, right?

Not going to lie, but I’m a little nervous about the ED. There are usually two nurses and six beds at this hospital. Last night when we peeked our heads in, there seemed to be no one there. But I can imagine things getting intense.

One Response to “First Graveyard Shift T minus 8 hrs”
  1. My worst nightmare is being attacked by a pack of dogs… :S

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