Home sweet home

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

I feel like I really did get swept up in a tornado and arrived somewhere foreign. As we got off the train with our heavy luggage in tow, we tried to find our nurse. But it seemed like in the rush of getting home, she had forgotten us. So we hailed a taxi and waited for the snowmobile shuttle to take us over to the island. Our snowmobile taxi guy was nice enough to drop us off right at our doorstep — where we were greeted by a friendly “town special” dog. (Don’t worry, pictures will be coming shortly.)

We walked in and was pleasantly surprised by our temporary residence. Exhibit A:

I’m so comfortable here; I don’t want to move! But alas, all good things must come to an end. The owners rent this place out to guests, so no dice.

I manage to get in contact with other nurses in the town, and they offered to come find us and show us around. Thank you, insta-friends. They give my roommate and I the run-down: what to expect, what to do, who I’ll be working with etc. We make a little trip to the hospital, and met their dog, Shadow. I’m well within walking distance from the hospital; I would say I’m no more than 8 minutes away. This makes life easier when I have my 12 hour shifts in the ED. Speaking of which, tomorrow night is when my preceptor is working. Not sure if I’ll be shadowing him tomorrow, but I wouldn’t mind. (I always enjoy baptism by fire.)

My roommate and I ended the night by baking some banana bread. It looks heavenly, and all thanks to some neighborly help. The owner’s mom came by to greet us, and she lent us some eggs, milk, and fruit. Such a sweet women! And I’ll definitely have to bring her some of the goods, which won’t be too hard, since she lives across the street.

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