Recharging the Batteries

I’ve had the last few days off. I met up with my nurse educator and she took me around the hospital for a tour. We don’t have elevators, but a ramp for stretchers. It has more services than I thought; it’s got a lab, x-ray, ultrasound, mental health workers, dietitians, physiotherapy, OR, dialysis, and LTC beds. The only real surprise was that we don’t have an in-house pharmacist. When rounds occur, the pharmacist is consulted via tele-conference. At the hospital, we only have pharmacy technicians. I inquired why this was, and basically it comes down to finances.

I have to learn a new system in charting. SOAP and FOCUS charting aren’t used here. They use Nursing Information Systems Saskatchewan (NISS). Basically, it’s charting by exception. Also the medication administration record (MAR) is all written by hand. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do this in any placement.

So, maybe some of you are asking, what do you do for fun? Well, my friends! There are a lot of things. I went to a free performance of an East Coast fiddler. She was fantastic. Her 1 year old daughter really stole the spotlight during some parts of her show. Mic check was too adorable. Afterwards, my roommate and I hung out with a group of nurses. There was a delicious potluck of turkey, mashed potatoes, and 5 kinds of dessert.

I love how everyone is incredibly welcoming and genuinely nice. And if you’re thirsty, your glass will always be full!


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