Night Owl

I just completed two nights in the in-patient department of the hospital. I got home and just passed out. But I woke up remembering my nightmare — patients were calling out, phones were ringing, chaos. It’s funny how my blog name has already become a reality within 3 days of working here.

I wouldn’t say my nightmare was akin to my night upstairs, but it was pretty hectic. I can’t remember the last time I had to work with an IV pole, calculate medication doses, and manage 5 patients. All my medical surgery nursing came back to me as I went over the tasks I had to complete. It seems like the nurses here are part administration clerk, part pharmacist, and part dietitian. For instance, we had to go over the doctor’s orders and write out the medication administration record. Then if the dosage was BID or TID, we had to write out times to give the doses. And we also had to know if certain medications had to be given before meals etc. This was definitely not easy to do after admitting a patient at 4 am in the morning.

When we started the night, we thought it was going to be s-l-o-w. But boy, do things have a way of getting hectic fast. Our baby’s PIV came out. Awesome. IV ABX are due. We can’t reestablish a line. Double awesome. We have to give it IM. Next time if that happens, I’m going to see if it’s compatible with lidocaine. Poor thing was not a happy camper.

All the nurses here are responsible for collecting blood. So that’s due in the AM. I practiced venipuncture on my preceptor, and then, off to do the real thing. Success! It’s definitely a skill that I can see being challenging, but as always, practice makes perfect. I have to definitely look up veins and sites for future reference. Anyone know any good resources?

Well to cap off my long weekend, I’m off to a hospital potluck. The nurses, paramedics, lab techs etc are all gathering tonight. There will be turkey, sides, and tons of desserts! My roommate and I made rice crispy treat nests with chocolate mini eggs nestled in them. I’ll add in a photo after. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

One Response to “Night Owl”
  1. nsopinions says:

    sounds like awesomeness to me! V-punctures yay:) the landscape looks like pictures from a text book ❤ it

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