Sakabaun; sake bomb?

Just another day in the life of a student nurse. One of the ladies from our sewing circle was roasting goose in her backyard teepee. I went over there and sat by the fire. I helped rotate the goose by spinning it with a stick. It was lovely to relax by the fire and just chat with everyone.

I asked how the goose were killed, and wondered if they used a cross-bow. The ladies snickered, and told me that day had long passed. And then they were talking about fishing, and I asked if they went by the river side to fish. Again, more laughing and they said they use nets. Am I completely old school in thinking that cross-bows and fishing rods are still being used?

Another tidbit I learned was that pellet ammo used to kill the geese are left in the bird. When you cook and eat it, you pick out the pellets! I guess when I’m eating goose out here, I’ll be mindful not to swallow foreign pieces of metal!


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