Clear Sunny Skies, Finally

On the weekend, my roommate and I took a much needed excursion off the island. We took a short boat ride over to the mainland and explored what it had to offer: the Northern Store, the LCBO, and yard sales. We had a quaint lunch at the local diner, and I had my first “hot … Continue reading

Kelly, Allis, Who?

If anyone knows what the title of my post is about, then I suspect you have some knowledge of peri-operative nursing. I spent two days in the operating room learning about different procedures and the daily life of a scrub nurse. In our small hospital, we also have the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) managed by … Continue reading

Just Dance/Gonna Be Alright

It was two weekends ago that I was dancing up a storm at the town hall social. This dance was in support of nurse’s week, and it was quite the party. A live band played classic rock, and in between sets a live DJ was mixing top 40 tunes. As you can see from the … Continue reading

Shot Through the Heart/And You’re Too Late

As promised, this post is about my experience participating in cardioversion therapy. A patient came into the ED with uncontrolled atrial fibrillation (AF). He was tachycardic, diaphoretic, hypertensive, but generally asymptomatic. No chest pain. No dizziness. No headache. No palpitations. No visual disturbances. No shortness of breath (SOB). He hadn’t been taking his cardiac medication … Continue reading

Window with a View

I see little kids playing in this junk yard all the time. Scares me to pieces when I see them climbing in and out of the smashed trucks. But what can you say to these children? I just hope that they have their tetanus shot. And yes, this is really the view from my trailer. … Continue reading

Can’t it be Spring Yet?

This was taken a couple of mornings ago. I couldn’t believe my eyes at 4 am. It was really snowing. After walking home, this was the aftermath outside my window. Things in the ED have been eerily quiet. My preceptor is sure that shit is going to hit the fan soon. While we waited for … Continue reading

Treat Yourself Well

The Canadian Mental Health Association posted a few tips in lieu of Mental Health Week. Learn how to cope with negative thoughts: Negative thoughts can be insistent and loud: don’t let them take over. Distract yourself or comfort yourself if you can’t solve a problem right away. Try seeing the issue from all sides rather … Continue reading

Rumour Has It

The dogs these days are howling up a storm. Rumour has it that they are only like this when something is amiss. I heard that there was even a pack of dogs running rampant today. Scary stuff. Scary enough that I took a cab home after having dinner at a friend’s house. There is also … Continue reading

Sleeping with Socks On

Last night the lights started to flicker, but came back on. However, 10 minutes later the lights went out, and stayed off. We peeked outside our window and all of the city had been affected. The headlights of trucks casted shadows in our little trailer. We managed to find a candle and we both had … Continue reading

Break-Up Never Looked So Pretty

Finally it’s starting to feel like spring up here. Yesterday was 18 degrees and sunny. The wind got stronger and started to pick up the dust from the dirt roads. Apparently when it warms up, everything will have a fine layer of dust on it at the grocery store. Mmm dusty apples! Also, when the … Continue reading