Break-Up Never Looked So Pretty

Finally it’s starting to feel like spring up here. Yesterday was 18 degrees and sunny. The wind got stronger and started to pick up the dust from the dirt roads. Apparently when it warms up, everything will have a fine layer of dust on it at the grocery store. Mmm dusty apples!

Also, when the weather warms up, the river starts to break-up. In the past, the break-ups have been spectacular. But ever since the dams have been built, it’s not as breath-taking. I was sleeping when everything started to happen. But this was the aftermath:

I still think it looks awesome. The current was moving rather quickly and all the ice rushed by.

After our wonderful walk, we headed over to a potluck BBQ. Steaks and pork lion on the grill. Moose stew in a slow cooker. Two types of guacamole and some tasty salads. I couldn’t have asked for a better Saturday night feast.

When things got a bit colder, we started a bonfire in the backyard. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything quite like it. The flames were as tall as the one-story house! We kicked back and just enjoyed the warmth.

I sure hope there are more nights like that. Oh, and did I mention how clear the night sky is here? It’s so beautiful.

One Response to “Break-Up Never Looked So Pretty”
  1. michele haley says:

    looking good christine 🙂

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