Sleeping with Socks On

Last night the lights started to flicker, but came back on. However, 10 minutes later the lights went out, and stayed off. We peeked outside our window and all of the city had been affected. The headlights of trucks casted shadows in our little trailer. We managed to find a candle and we both had flashlights to guide our way around.

A co-worker came by to make sure we were okay. And we told him that we would be okay for the night. My roommate and I played rummy by candlelight until we got tired. Then I put on my sweater and socks and got into bed. Our trailer must have dipped to 17 – 18 degrees. I kept waking up in the middle of the night because of the cold. To think if this happened during the winter — and it does often. A lot of folks out here have wood stoves and generators; I completely understand why now.

We found a camping stove in our closet, and put on the coffee. As soon as the water started to boil, the click of the heat turned on, and power had been restored after 12 hours.

Welcome to the Great North!

P.S. Here’s another photo of the river break-up.


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