Rumour Has It

The dogs these days are howling up a storm. Rumour has it that they are only like this when something is amiss. I heard that there was even a pack of dogs running rampant today. Scary stuff. Scary enough that I took a cab home after having dinner at a friend’s house.

There is also a rumour going around that there is a bear in town; hence why the dogs are going crazy. I’m going to just assume that is hearsay, cripes!

Dinner by the way was excellent. I learned how to make carbonara sauce. The secret is to pour a little hot water into the scrambled eggs and keep stirring, so you don’t cook the eggs. Obviously you want the eggs to be liquid when you pour it into the pasta. Who would have thought I would be brushing up my culinary skills while being up here?

I’ve finally finished beading the design on the moccasins. And I have someone in mind that I’d like to gift them to. A little baby girl my best friend is having in July.

Anyways, I promise I’ll write another post about actual nursing soon. There are just so many topics that I would like to address, it’s hard for me to start.

Also, if there is something you want to ask me about, please comment. I’m more than happy to entertain some questions!

Another round of night shifts this weekend. Oh, and tell your Mom you love her on Sunday. I know I will be calling!


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