Window with a View

I see little kids playing in this junk yard all the time. Scares me to pieces when I see them climbing in and out of the smashed trucks. But what can you say to these children? I just hope that they have their tetanus shot. And yes, this is really the view from my trailer. Breath-taking, no?

I hope all my fellow nurses had a good nurse’s week! The physicians held a BBQ in the back of the hospital. Lots of food; lots of cake; lots of full bellies.

I’ve never had this salad before until I came up north — but essentially it’s macaroni, veggies, mayonnaise, and chunks of cheese. And you add bacon to this for good measure. I’ve had it on many occasions now! Probably not the most healthy side dish, but who says I’m counting calories.

I’ll update you on my adventures at the hospital soon, I promise. And also about the nurse’s week dance that I attended! Oh what a fun weekend it’s been.

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