Clear Sunny Skies, Finally

On the weekend, my roommate and I took a much needed excursion off the island. We took a short boat ride over to the mainland and explored what it had to offer: the Northern Store, the LCBO, and yard sales. We had a quaint lunch at the local diner, and I had my first “hot hamburger.”

We found some good items at the yard sales; things we definitely needed in our trailer (e.g. a cutting board). I even got a nice Roots scarf for $0.50! The other benefit of these sales: home-made food plates. There were cupcakes, meatballs and rice, strawberry shortcake and such. If only I had all my weekends off; I love getting a good deal.

We poked around the town some more, and came across a small cemetery.

It seemed like most of the graves were buried in the 50s and 60s. I’m going to venture a guess that these individuals passed away from tuberculous. The cemetery was near the edge of town, and reminded me of a Hitchcock film.

The lead image is a shot of a church bell in its steeple. There was also a rope that was attached, but since the church has been condemned, we felt it wise not to pull on precarious pieces of cord.


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