Home, Sweet, Home

Girls in heels, over-sized sunglasses, and floral sundresses. Smoggy humid air. Unruly cabbies and cyclists. Yes, this is home. Re-adjusting to urban life hasn’t be easy. I’m still getting use to having a cell phone again. And I’m thinking about the accumulating interest my student loan is gaining. Gives me a headache, really. But I … Continue reading

Nurse, I’ll Have Two Bottles of Charcoal, Please.

Case Report A woman with a history of depression and past suicide attempts is admitted to the ED at 14:30. Pt has rheumatoid arthritis in wrists joints and takes hydroxychloroquine  200 mg once daily (OD). EMS reports the pt has ingested 50 x 200 mg of hydroxychloroquine at 14:15. On physical examination, pt reports visual disturbances of black … Continue reading

So long, and Thanks for All the Fish

What a journey these past two months have been. I still have many more stories to share, but they will have to wait until I return home “down south.” I’ve learned a tremendous amount while I’ve been nursing in this rural community. And I’ve seen a multitude of cases — sometimes tragic, others joyful. Overall, … Continue reading

Vital Signs Absent

For some the heroics of a code are what some nurses live for. For me, well, I would rather see the patient living. It was 0600 and I had drifted off into a nap in the staff lounge. It had been a busy night on the floor: answering callbells, wheeling commodes, admitting patients, and dishing … Continue reading

Stormy Weather

An intense thunderstorm blew over our little town. Enough force that the thunder shook the ground in my trailer. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as this storm. Sounds like a real-life version of The Wizard of Oz. The storm must have brought over swarms of black flies. While I was walking home, I was spraying … Continue reading

Rejuvenating the Spirit

At 5 AM my alarm goes off, and no, I’m not working a day shift. The air is brisk, but surprisingly mild. The birds are chattering away, and the dogs are howling for only canine-known reasons. We crest the levee and walk onto the river bed; it’s low tide and the canoes are resting elegantly … Continue reading

Some have Skeletons, Mine had Fireworks

And I’m not talking about the Katy Perry kind. While I was peaking through all the drawers and closets in the house, I came across a mysterious cylinder entitled: deep purple. I wondered what kind of powerful explosives had I hiding in my closet? I was curious, but not enough to light fireworks outside of … Continue reading