School’s Out Indefinitely

Beautiful Red Sunset up North

This is the first time in 20 years that I will not be returning to school in the fall. A part of me is really happy to start contributing to society and get paid for it. Let me tell you how awful it is to work 60 hours a week and not get a penny for it! But another part of me is a little apprehensive. I was happily sheltered by my student loans, and now I have to calculate what rate is better: fixed or floating. All these financial terms make my head spin. But thankfully, Wikipedia and the internets do a good job at priming the situation.

With all my spare time this summer, I’m looking into starting calligraphy and yoga. Sounds a bit random, but I love typography. It might come from my Asian heritage actually. My grandfather still practices his Chinese characters on newsprint.

I also would like to travel abroad — any places that you would recommend? I’m hoping to keep it on a student budget. And I’m willing to rough it — cheap hostels and eats. But I won’t sleep on park benches!

Happy Birthday, Canada!

2 Responses to “School’s Out Indefinitely”
  1. Lou Tafisk says:

    Eastern Europe (although it could be dangerous for you if you’re not white). Food, hostels, and transportation are cheap and there are some great destinations to be seen. I’ve been to Prague and Krakow; both are cities that are often recommended. I know there are a couple of other lesser-known but excellent destinations in the Czech Republic and Budapest is supposed to be nice too. Then there’s Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania… those are places on my “to do” list. The former Yugoslavia is supposed to have some really great beaches if that’s your thing.

    There’s a service called Busabout (or something like that) if you’re really concerned with budgeting. It’s slower than trains but it’s supposed to be a lot less expensive. It’s probably also safer. Their drop-off points are sometimes hostels, which can help too.

    Be sure to check out online reviews of specific hostels before you step foot in one.

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