No Soup for You (ODSPers)

In the 2010 budget cuts, the McGuinty government slashed the Special Diet program to those on Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). It recently came into effect this April, to the dismay of many outraged poverty activists and healthcare professionals.

The new Special Diet forms are difficult to comprehend to the layperson, let alone to a underprivileged individual with no high-school education. Additionally, it reduces the amount of money to those who need it: single-moms, unemployed, and the disable. This is where Dr. Roland Wong comes in. This doctor in Toronto ran a clinic to help those in need of this extra resource, on top of running his own family practice. Well, for his trouble mayor Rob Ford decided to personally complain to the College of Physicians and Surgeons to bar Dr. Wong from filling out the Special Diet forms. An act to stop the “gravy train“? Funny, because the irony is that those on the Special Diet are hard-pressed to find gravy on their plate, let alone a nutritious meal.

Rob Ford believes: “A doctor is there to be a doctor, not advocate for the poor.” That’s straight from the horse’s mouth, my friends.

For those interested in further reading, here are some links:

Hearings begin on Ford complaint against anti-poverty doctor

Backgrounder on the Special Diet Program

Health Justice Radio interview with Dr. Wong


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