Requiescat In Pace

When a patient takes his/her last breath, it jolts you to rethink your own mortality. On the weekend, one of my long-term care patients passed away on my night shift. The team had known he was not doing well, and we progressed to palliative care pretty quickly. I was not expecting the worse because the … Continue reading

What should we call Nursing? Every had one of these moments? Post in the comments if you have any other fun nursing blogs! I always tell my non-nursing friends that nurses have a dark sort of humour. While eating dinner, we can share all sorts of TMI stories. And yes, it can be vomit-inducing…oops! But if we don’t laugh … Continue reading

Reflections and New Beginings

The last few months have been quite taxing on me both mentally and physically. I started a new position in a downtown hospital; I was hired to float on different floors and as well as the emergency department. My orientation was 3 months due to my new graduate status. I felt that even though I … Continue reading