Reflections and New Beginings

The last few months have been quite taxing on me both mentally and physically. I started a new position in a downtown hospital; I was hired to float on different floors and as well as the emergency department. My orientation was 3 months due to my new graduate status. I felt that even though I had 3 months, it wasn’t nearly enough time. But the training wheels had to come off eventually. So there I was 2 weeks ago running my own show. Granted, nursing is never a one-woman show – you have a team of dedicated people helping you out. I was grateful that I had their expertise to rely on. As a new graduate, you are truly a novice nurse. Even though you’ve read about it in books, what you see in reality can be completely atypical.

I floated on a general medicine floor, and I thought it would be a piece of cake compared to the emergency department. When I first arrived, they told me that one of my patients had a constant observer and was in restraints due to violent behavior. Well, at least he had a sitter. Then I looked at my assignment, I had two isolated patients, and another who had IV antibiotics every 4 hours. I gritted my teeth and thought: well I better start getting my day organized. Somehow I managed to get through the shift; I had an amazing group of nurses working that day, and they helped me out a lot. However, after reflecting on my experience that day, I realized that my passion is emergency nursing. Yes, it’s demanding and difficult, but I felt much better after a day in the ER compared to a day on the floor.

So these 3 months have accumulated to this point: I’m now an independent RN. I took a position at the hospital in which I work as an agency nurse in a remote northern community. I flew out yesterday, making two stops along the way. The little charter plane I was in was incredibly loud – I did not realize that it would be deafening! I’m extremely lucky that I did not have to pay extra fees for my overweight luggage. I had two carry-ons and my luggage was still 55 lbs! I packed tons of dried goods, spices, canned meat, and instant coffee.

My portable home is spitting distance from the hospital. It is probably 4x bigger than the downtown apartment I was living in before. It has a full size washer, dryer, fridge, and stove. Two full baths, two bedrooms, a television, love seat, lazy boy, and more dressers then I have clothes for!

The hospital has 10 long-term care beds for the elderly, two acute rooms, and one emergency room. During the day, a clinic is run by two nurses with extended practice roles. I’m very excited at the prospect of learning more and being able to diagnosis and prescribe. There is a doctor who comes up once a month for a week stay, and if there is an urgent issue, you can consult with a doctor over the phone. Soon a nurse practitioner will be in our community for a short stay; I’m looking forward to having the NP at the hospital.

I’ll have to explore the town on a day that isn’t cold and overcast (which is what it’s like today). But I better get some supplies at the Northern before it closes for the weekend.

One Response to “Reflections and New Beginings”
  1. Justine says:

    Glad you arrived safely! Your accommodation looks spacious! xoxo

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