Why don’t they just Leave?

spencer wynn/Toronto Star

I recently read an insightful article from the Toronto Star Attawapiskat: What don’t they just leave?. It really brings home why it’s not so easy to wave a magic wand and relocate nearly 2000 people. This is their land and home. To many other Canadians, it seems like a wasteland…but if you only know this type of life, well, it’s hard to imagine anywhere else being home.

And if you haven’t hear about the Idle No More campaign, then definitely read this article from the Globe and Mail. Attawapiskat chief on hunger strike has “humble and achievable vision”

At the heart of Idle No More debate is the assertion that Ottawa has excluded First Nations leaders from discussions on Canada’s natural resources, and other issues related to treaty obligations.

Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/mps-visit-spence-at-scene-of-hunger-strike-1.1095806#ixzz2GZxdX7Dy

And another article from the Ottawa Citizen highlights how deep-seated stereotypes can damage healthy discourse. Idle No More spark polarizing debate


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