Sometimes I wish I had a photographic memory. All the wonder of a simple day would never be forgotten. Alas, I do not; however, instead I took a photo walk with my friend who patiently taught me how to use his DSLR. Somehow, you feel a little different with a remarkable piece of technology dangling … Continue reading

Rejuvenating the Spirit

At 5 AM my alarm goes off, and no, I’m not working a day shift. The air is brisk, but surprisingly mild. The birds are chattering away, and the dogs are howling for only canine-known reasons. We crest the levee and walk onto the river bed; it’s low tide and the canoes are resting elegantly … Continue reading

Clear Sunny Skies, Finally

On the weekend, my roommate and I took a much needed excursion off the island. We took a short boat ride over to the mainland and explored what it had to offer: the Northern Store, the LCBO, and yard sales. We had a quaint lunch at the local diner, and I had my first “hot … Continue reading

Kelly, Allis, Who?

If anyone knows what the title of my post is about, then I suspect you have some knowledge of peri-operative nursing. I spent two days in the operating room learning about different procedures and the daily life of a scrub nurse. In our small hospital, we also have the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) managed by … Continue reading

Sleeping with Socks On

Last night the lights started to flicker, but came back on. However, 10 minutes later the lights went out, and stayed off. We peeked outside our window and all of the city had been affected. The headlights of trucks casted shadows in our little trailer. We managed to find a candle and we both had … Continue reading

Night Owl

I just completed two nights in the in-patient department of the hospital. I got home and just passed out. But I woke up remembering my nightmare — patients were calling out, phones were ringing, chaos. It’s funny how my blog name has already become a reality within 3 days of working here. I wouldn’t say … Continue reading