Is there such thing as a “good” death?

I read this article in the NYT awhile ago, but I am finally getting some time to post about it. In ill doctor, a surprise reflection of who picks assisted suicide It is a balanced argument on physician assisted suicide, straight from the viewpoint of a medical doctor. It’s not about a “slippery slope” and … Continue reading

Shannen’s Dream

In my inbox today, I received an email from the interim leader of the NDP. In summary, the House of Commons has voted to ensure First Nation communities will receive the same funding for schooling as other non-Native communities. The discrepancies I noticed while working in the James Bay area were glaring. I asked a … Continue reading

State of Emergency in Attawapiskat

It might seem like a surprise to some Canadians. This is how we treat our own people — we put them in make-shift housing with no clean water and heat. We speak to other nations like we are better, but this is how we treat our First Nations, like second-class citizens. I’ve unfortunately witnessed the … Continue reading

Elder Abuse

The Toronto Star: Seniors Beaten in Nursing Homes The public puts there trust in nurses. And yet, certain individuals are cruel, perverse, and corrupt to pray on those most vulnerable. This makes my stomach turn.