Baby and Mama Moccasins



A team of heart surgeons give a man life, without a heartbeat. Pretty amazing. I hope they make this documentary longer. Flatline: A film of life without a heartbeat

Whose Land is it Anyway?

I wish that more Canadians knew about the conditions and issues that Aboriginal Canadians face daily. There are still many misconceptions that exist today. And a very recent example getting some media attention is when Justin Bieber made that gaffe about being part Inuit and getting free gas. It’s this kind of ignorance that perpetuates … Continue reading

What should we call Nursing? Every had one of these moments? Post in the comments if you have any other fun nursing blogs! I always tell my non-nursing friends that nurses have a dark sort of humour. While eating dinner, we can share all sorts of TMI stories. And yes, it can be vomit-inducing…oops! But if we don’t laugh … Continue reading